Choose ourfourbig reasons
Quality assurance
  • Independent research and development,Personalized customization
    Independent research and development, customization
    Our company tailor welded pipe sets and actual plant equipment to meet the needs of users.
  • Technology maturity,Good quality
    Mature technology, the quality is excellent
    Integrating production technology in developed countries such as Germany and Italy, adopting CAD/CAM design and production, innovation and research and development, favored by the majority of users.
  • ComprehensiveService support
    Full service support
    We continue to adhere to customer demand, customer satisfaction as the business purpose, and strive to provide customers with timely and thoughtful service, timely and effectively to help you solve the various problems encountered in the production of equipment.
  • Ingenuity creates a real woodworking machine that saves energy and effort.
    Ingenuity creates a real 
    Strict control of design, production and inspection to ensure that products with advanced production performance and excellent quality meet the needs of the vast number of guest rooms.

Foshan Mingxin Hao Woodworking Machinery Co., Ltd.
4 advantages?
  • Workshop planning
    • Workshop selection
      We can provide some suggestions for your plant selection and layout.
    • Workshop layout:
      The whole plant assembly line production plan, field analysis, comprehensive layout..
    • Related auxiliary equipment for factory building:
      Comprehensive provision of plant production process, supporting equipment, such as: woodworking drilling, water supply system, air extraction system, warehouse rack.
  • Production service
    • ?Provide you with a scientific production management system。
    • ?Provide you with a professional production plan。
    • ?Provide you with professional production experience。
    • ?Training professional technicians for you。
    • ?Recommend professional management expert and factory director for you。
    • ?Our company can accompany you to our factory.
    • ?Visit the production line of woodworking machinery。
    • ?Other items related to woodworking machinery industry。
  • Sales service
    • ?Provide professional knowledge and marketing skills for you。
    • ?Provide you with mature sales experience。
    • ?For you to solve problems and difficulties encountered in production.
    • If necessary, you can apply for Foshan business license, or contact Foshan local furniture factory to authorize you to produce and sell Foshan brand furniture locally.
  • Production service
    • ?Responsible for installation and debugging of equipment。
    • ?Providing mechanical installation, operation, maintenance, etc.
    • ?Technical documents and technical support。
    • ?List of the main components of the device
    • If necessary, you can apply for Foshan business license, or contact Foshan local furniture factory to authorize you to produce and sell Foshan brand furniture locally.
Foshan Mingxin Hao Woodworking Machinery Co., Ltd.
MINGXINHAO Woodworking Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 and is located in Lunjiao Town, Shunde, Foshan The hometown of woodworking machinery in South China, It is one of the earliest companies in our country that manufactures multipler woodworking boring machines.Since 10 years ago , we have been devoted to research and develop manufacture more than 10 kinds of woodworking boring machines mainly for panel furniture. MINGXINHAO Multi-boring machines obtain the CE certificate, comply with the Europe standard.Our company has advanced equipments,professional technical staff and efficient management , More?>
Case of cooperation?
MINGXINHAO Woodworking Machinery Co, LTD
Foshan City Nanhai District, New Industrial Park Road Industrial Park
No. 17004625, Guangdong ICP
MINGXINHAO Woodworking Machinery Co, LTD
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